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2 definitions by ThePrajektProductions

A person who is looked down upon, usually for a lack of skill or failure to meet up to a set of standards. Used as a very vulgar expression (usually directed towards males) to express to the insulted that their purpose in life is to worship the nipples of the one who is insulting.
Jed: oops, I built the takeoff wrong.

Jimbo: yeah you did! It threw everyone off, you male nipple monger!
by ThePrajektProductions January 15, 2010
1.) Word used when a certain accomplishment or goal is met.

2.) To tell a person to have sex with someone; usually screamed out loud. Using the word this way can also be used as an insult, pertaining to someone who is with another person.
1.) Nice, I passed my global history test!! GITSUM!!!!!

2.) Jim: Hey Thor, look at Marty helping that old lady across the street.

Thor: Hey Marty, GITSUM!!!

Marty: What's WRONG with you?
by ThePrajektProductions January 15, 2010