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A sex position defined by the explanation:

'One in the front, the rest in the back!'

Where a male sticks four of his fingers up the female's arse and uses his thumb to insert into the vagina/ play with the clit.

Hence all the fingers are in the back and the thumb is up the front. Like a Minibus and it's passengers.
D: "Hey man, I totally did the Minibus on her last night!"

P: "What, that troll? That lives under the bridge?"

D: "Shes not a troll...."

P: "Yeah whatever, carry on."

D: "Ok shut up and let me tell the story, douche."

P: "Look D, I don't want to know more about your anal fetish, and what's a Minibus anyway?"

D: "It's wkd, you put one in the front and the rest in the back!"

P: "That is gross D, did you really have to tell me that? We are in a lecture ffs!"
by ThePmaster December 02, 2009

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