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When an individual gets so frustrated that they pick up the nearest object (the nearest object is a fruit bowl) and bang it with their hand like it is a tambourine to get attention from their colleagues. This should not be mistaken with banging a tambourine as that is joyful and banging the fruit bowl is not a joyful experience for all.
Look .... I'm not banging the fruit bowl yet but I am close!
Man did you see that dude ... he was really banging the fruit bowl.
If you don't start listening to me I am going to bang the fruit bowl until you do!
Oh really? Well how about I bang the fruit bowl and you cower in fear?
Too many steroids ...... bang the fruit bowl ... it will help you to relax!
When all else fails ..... start banging the fruit bowl!
There is more than one way to bang the fruit bowl!
KEEP CALM ...... and bang the fruit bowl!
In event of nuclear attack ....... bang the fruit bowl!
When not given what you want .... bang the fruit bowl.
Feel like acting childish ? .... bang the fruit bowl.
Off your medication? Bang the fruit bowl.
Don't like the kid in two and a half men .... bang the fruitbowl.
by thephatcontroller November 17, 2013
A formerly necessary wagon attached to the back of a train. The brake van was used to stop a train in case of an emergency (such as if a coupling had snapped, and the latter half of the train was rolling down a steep hill). On longer journeys, the brake van served as a temporary residency for the train crew.

Nowadays, most trucks (US:freightcars) are already equipped with brakes so they'll stop automatically should something go wrong. Some trains even have locomotives at both ends, further reducing the necessity of a brake van.

Synonyms: caboose(US), guard's van
*coupling snaps*

Driver: Cor! Look at that!!

*trucks rocket down a steep hill*

Fireman: I hope the guard (US: conductor) knows how to work the brake!!

Meanwhile, the guard sees a train coming, and he cranks the brake handle like mad. We see sequences of footage as the train and the brake van get closer and closer.

The guard, seeing his whole life flash before his eyes, shuts his eyes and waits for the impending crash-

Driver 2: Oi, mate, what're you doing? Gonna rub noses with our train for the day or what?

The guard notices he's still alive.

Guard: *wipes forehead* Phew! Thank God we had a brake van; this could have been quite nasty!
by ThePhatController December 31, 2009
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