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Pronounced "dailies" but always spelt with the word Dale at the front due to its origin in the town of Rochdale UK.
A Daley is a resident of aforementioned town who has risen high enough through the complex and enigmatic social structure of the town to gain admittance to Spotland Stadium.
Those who have obtained this privilege account for 0.1% of the towns population and are considered the elite of the town.

Daleys contribute to the majority of all social function within the town, they have the power to make or break the towns local council, they can take control of any piece of land at will and have infiltrated all political structures of town, they also do a great service to the township and are the first port of call when difficulties arise.
All Daleys carry the secondary title of "The Pie King's" for they have cultivated Britain's greatest pie from within their Spotland fortress, it is exceedingly good.

The Daleys have fallen on hard times economically, yet their sporting investments are beginning to flourish much to the envy of their next door rivals, the Buckets of Gigg lane, since their glory days ended some time before the last ice age, the Buckets have held a grudge against the Daleys and their incredible success story for may years now.

The King Keith is a notable Daley, his guile and cunning has been the bane of many a Bucket, King Keith has been hailed as the best Daley King for many a decade.
Bucket 1 : I was attacked by a geet band of rabbit Daleys yesterday as I strode through Heywood

Bucket 2 : Oh no my lad, if you was being bish bash beaten by a Daley, you would be floating up to the geet Gigg in the sky young fella me lad.

Bucket 1 : So who did beat me yon Saturday?

Bucket 2 : Would be the local Hey-woodsmen, I they did bite you, you must drink bleach to avoid mushroom growth on your nose and fingers.
by ThePhantomPuppeteer November 21, 2009

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