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originating from south india, Athreya is the name of a star in Hinduism and is the name of a Saint. Athreya is also the name of a famous saint. Athreya is from the sanskrit root (Athr) for the word - great, terrific, awesome. (Eya) signifies - a bundle of, a collection of, a series of.
look at him, acting just like an Athreya, a bundle of awesomeness.

that book series is so Athreya
by TheOneAndOnlyMr.Boss April 11, 2011
(noun) the process of constantly harrassing one of their sexuality, often jokingly. Also used when one is suffering from a severe state of depression of a matter of their self-esteem and occasionally about their purpose in life and their goal to one day become successful. Often used by one who has a limited amount of friends and/or is mentally unstable.
person1: your gay
person2: you tell me this everyday
person1: i know but constant reinfociation proves my point
by TheOneAndOnlyMr.Boss April 27, 2011

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