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1 definition by TheOfficeAvenger

Someone who focuses on the art of not getting fired or doing just the bare minimum at their chosen profession rather that working hard because they are truly driven to make whatever they are working on or for better. Large corporations are safe havens for jobbers, they focus on being there on time and not causing problems as well as passing work to others while striving to do the bare minimum amount of work to retain their job. Any system that favors employees for anything other than performance is probably a jobber safe haven. The jobbers joy in life is non existent as they probably hate their profession which turns what was an otherwise useful human into a worthless hunk of meat waiting to die. This lack of joy often drives them to work against non jobbers as it is in their best interests to keep their work environment free of non jobbers so they can stay hidden. Their hiding skills are those of looking busy, sounding smart, and doing nothing. Many jobbers walk a fine line between being discovered as being a jobber and having to do actual work, which is strictly forbidden by jobber code. If you hate your job, you are a jobber and probably suck at life.

Jobbers are often inept at their professions.
P.J. is trying to scare management out of assigning him something which will require a lot of work. He makes up a reason why it technically cant be done or is too dangerous but he actually has no idea what he is talking about, nor does he care. P.J. has successfully prevented himself from doing work and made his job less productive. P.J. is president of the Jobbers of America Club.
by TheOfficeAvenger October 17, 2009