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Noun used to describe an overweight slutty girl. These girls generally have pretty faces ,but more than the recommended amount of muffin top. Also know as Torrid girls, these girls can be mistaken for pretty while one is hammered. These are known as a "Chubby Chaser's Dream". Much of the time, a skankapotmomus wears loose clothing so one could only notice her massive breasts while hiding their 20 pounds of excess heft. These women are shady and sneaky about their extra lard. Approach with caution and these nuclear bombs will not go off on you. Waking up next to a skankapotomus is like waking up next to a tranny. Fool arounf with caution. Or a girl who is overweight but wears clothes for someone of a smaller staure.
Hey Bill that skankapotomus is perfect for you. YOU CHUBBY CHASER!
by theNAKEDtruth October 31, 2010
Quite possibly the most degenerate and over-rated town on the planet. Located about 20 mins south of Boston, Marshfield unequivocally embodies all that is vile in a small town environment. Spawned of miscreants who suffer from both a sense of over-entitlement and no true moral core, this towns hellish effect goes well further. as if the town wass truely implanted by some warped 6th circle of hell dimension where garden gnomes dress like ru-paul reign supreme. The youth of this town strut around, half of them at a whole 5' even with egos twice their size. All of them broken off into their own individual hordes out to prove whom the baddest of ass is. Complete wanna be, pretty fly for white guy gangsters who have not once seen a true ghetto or slum. Drugs are pretty easy to get in any of the local Locales which for some may seem a plus. Wendy's is often considered the saving grace of this town, however even the Wendy's lacks in comparison to others of the franchise. The young of the town either feel the need to be the biggest slut or the toughest hard ass. Usually resulting in the tough hard ass looking like a fool, with his fool friends cheering him on or the knocked up club of marshfield which grows in number by the day. So in short if you are looking for a nice place to have your family and white picket fence. Go else where. As fast as your legs will take you and hope you are not pulled into this cesspool town
Teen girl 1: OMG i just found out I'm having a baby
Teen girl 2: No way! I'm having a baby too!
Teen girl 1: This is gonna be so awesome we can raise them together
Teen girl 3: Hey you guys are both having babies? Me too
Teen girl 1: OMG
Teen girl 2:OMG
Teen girl 4: Losers, if you were as cool as me you would already have one

**bell rings for third period at The Middle School in Marshfield**
by TheNakedTruth March 09, 2012

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