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2 definitions by TheMysteriousStranger

A term used to tell another person that you will see them again. Most likely in a strange place or somewhere unexpected. Usually used by two guys, while using the term "brother" as a friendly gesture.
In the TV show Lost, Desmond was known for this phrase.
Desmond: "I'll see you in another life brother."
Jack: "Sure man."
Then they see each other again life 100000 times...
Lost Brother Life Meaning Bro Sex I'll See You Again Pick Up A Stick And Throw It Yo mama Strangers
by TheMysteriousStranger June 01, 2012
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giving up dibs on a hot guy
"I have dibs on that hot guy!" - Kendall
"No you don't, I do!" - Jessica
"Oh, fine. Bope!" - Kendall
by themysteriousstranger October 15, 2009
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