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The Qur'an is a plagiarised version of The Bible.

See Qur'an.
The Qur'an is a plagiarised version of The Bible.
by TheMoodyPoet@Hotmail.com August 18, 2006
Baby Pimp is a smiling assassin that turns women into tricks for dicks!

Baby Pimp is a nice guy, not green, that has a way with convincing women with words, not his fists or knuckle busters. See Emotionally Raped.

Baby Pimp is an entrepreneur that knows how to treat his commodities/victims i.e. women good but at the same time oppresses their very being by using drugs and money as a foundation. See The Prophet Muhammad.
Baby pimp is da nicest ass john i ever worked my ass off for sugar!
by TheMoodyPoet@Hotmail.com August 18, 2006
A mud slut is a slang name for a sand nigger's wife.

A mud slut is a black slut that lives in a primitive mud hut who can't stop fucking anyone with a cock.

Mud Slut is slang for a promiscuous black girl.
"Debbie what if one of those black bitches makes the cheerleading team?" "What! Are you out of your fucking mind Regina, those mud sluts wouldn't even know how to make a cake!"

"I don't want that mud slut anywhere near Kyle!"

If that dirty little mud slut thinks she can wheedle her way into this country, and into this families money, she has another thing coming!"
by TheMoodyPoet@Hotmail.com August 19, 2006

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