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When on a server in Minecraft, you have to go into peoples houses and search them top to bottom. You would also be looking for secret entrances, bunkers, chests, and hidden loot.
Player 1: Hey, dude why are you in my house?
Player 2: I'm looking for some gold ingots.
Player 1: Man, come on this isn't the airport. You're like the Minecraft TSA.
by TheMinecraftPlaya June 08, 2013
That one guy or girl that keeps you from being either heterosexual or homosexual.
Josh: Hey, do you want to go the strip club tonight
Patrick: Nah, I'll just sit here and watch gay porn.
Josh: Well, Danielle is going to meet us for dinner afterwards.
Patrick: If Danielle's going to be there then I'm going for sure.
Josh: She sounds like your Buffer Person.
by TheMinecraftPlaya June 12, 2013
When a guy gets hard just from light physical contact with or just being around a person that he is crushing on. It happens without warning and can sometimes create an awkward situation if the other person notices.
Jimmy: Hey Daniel! Me and Jessica are having an arm wrestling contest. Do you want in?
Daniel: Nah, with Jessica there I'll just get another Accidental Boner.
Jimmy: Jessica is pretty hot. I understand.
by TheMinecraftPlaya June 10, 2013
When a guy has feelings for girls but also feels a non-sexual attraction to another guy.
Dude, I have such a Man-Crush on Austin
by TheMinecraftPlaya June 11, 2013
When a guy gets a boner during an activity requiring physical contact. The person that they are aroused by can be male or female depending on the guys sexual preference.
Jeff: Hey Daniel! Do you want to play Rugby with me and Jessie?
Daniel: No thanks. I like Jessie and might end up Playing-it-Hard
Jeff: I understand!
by TheMinecraftPlaya June 10, 2013
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