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1 definition by TheManInTheBlackPajamas

The game of Snappa has evolved and revolutionized from the first definition entered as recent as the Fall of 2008, at the University of Dayton, in Dayton, Ohio.

In both the Northwest and Midwest, the game is now played in the similar format of 2-on-2, four cups both set at the end of each given team's side of the table.

Teams are seated in chairs on their respective sides, but are allowed to slide their cups behind the back line, prior to the opposing team's first shot of the turn, for defensive strategy.

The use of a ping-pong ball has also been implemented, rather than a die. Once the ball hits a second time it is fair game to make a defensive grab. If the ball goes in the cup it is a point, much like the original version and the contents of the cup are consumed.

The game begins by the team who won last yelling, "Snappa's ready?" thus preparing their mental state for the game, followed by shouting, "Challenger's ready?" inquiring if the opposing, new team on the table is ready.

The game's revolution was also inspired by the view or angle of a chick when she is bent over and you can see her vagina, which is also called the Snappa.
Hey Jim, see who has next on the Snappa table. If no one has it, we have next.
by TheManInTheBlackPajamas August 02, 2009