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The sexual act between two men, where one man takes his flaccid penis and wraps it around the other man's erect penis in the fashion of a noose around a neck. The man with the noose then proceeds to pleasure the other deviant, and therefore becomes the hangman.

Also its like a favour for a straight guy to do for a gay guy after the gay guy saves his life.
They totally hangman eachother in prison.

Hey did you hear Jimmy actually hangman (ed) Steve last night.
by TheIncredibleFonz February 03, 2009
A situation where a choice comes down to two unfavourable options, and either way is not a win.
When the town or city that you live in has only two radio stations, and they are both playing nickelback at the exact same time.

It's a Catch 22, either way your going to have to listen to shitty music.
by TheIncredibleFonz April 03, 2009

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