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1 definition by TheIckyStickie

The metaphorical "Balls" a person needs to send the initial text to another person they have interest in. This is a slang term, usually oriented around the lack of fortitude they have to attempt this. Usually, it will be try to be exempted by excuses like, "They are busy, they don't have time to text me back." or, " I'm not sure if I should, I mean, what if they're seeing someone else?" but CAN be over came will encouragement from peers.
Person 1: "I really want to text Caitlin... but I don't even really know her..."
Person 2: "And you never will if you don't try. Grow some texticles, and send her a message."
Person 1: "Well, I guess I should just send her a quick note."
by TheIckyStickie December 31, 2012