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One of the greatest and yet most fucked up movies I've ever seen. Directed by Rob Zombie, it is a sequel to House of 1000 Corpses, but it's so unique and insane that you can't resist its awesomeness. It's full of rich, eclectic Pulp Fiction-style dialogue, and it's better to experience the film rather than to describe it. It has already achieved cult status.

Some people have suggested that only sick people who like violence can like the movie. But it was praised by both Roger Ebert and Stephen King, so...yeah.
Some quotes from The Devil's Rejects:


"You accusing me of fucking a CHICKEN, motherfucker?!"

"Boy, the next thing that comes out of your mouth better be some Mark Twain shit, because its DEFINITELY gonna be on your fuckin tombstone!"

"I'M calling the shots! Consider me Willy fucking Wonka! This is MY fuckin Chocolate Factory!"

"FUCK Groucho!"

"Do I STUTTER, bitch?!"

"What's the matter kid, don't you like clowns? DONT WE MAKE YA LAUGH?! Aren't we FUCKIN FUNNY!!?!"

"Does she like it when you puke, I mean, is that, like, part of your thing?"

"Let's give a big round of applause for THE MARRIED FUCKING MAN!"


"I can still smell your wife's pussy stink on my gun...hope it doesn't rust the barrel."
by TheGearGuyOfNet August 13, 2009
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