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1 definition by TheFoundingFatherL

A shoe created by Nike in 1972 that is used by mostly Mexican gangsters. Even though it is a old shoe, it is still very popular among Chicano gangs all over California. When wearing this shoe, you don't have to say you gang bang, people already assume you do when you wear it on your feet. If you don't know what you are getting into when wearing these shoes, don't wear them. You will regret it.
Stranger1: "Hey, look at that guy. He is wearing cortez's. I heard the Nike Cortez is affiliated with Mexican gangs. What gang do you think he belongs too?"

Stranger2: "I think he is a Norteno. Look at the Nike Swoosh, it's red"

Stranger1: "Yeah, you're right."

(Both walk away looking at him suspiciously.)
by TheFoundingFatherL August 09, 2013