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And extremely versatile word, which can refer to almost anything. It is normally used by Philadelphians.

It can be used as nearly and part of speech, such as a noun, verb, adjective, adverb, past participle, subjunctive verb, etc.

It is often used as a substitute for another word, whether it's to avoid explicit terms, or in lieu of a forgotten word.

also spelled jawn.
"Yo, dat jauwn is fine!" (noun)

"word; truly, I've never been so jauwn impressed with someone's performance!" (adverb)

"trudat. but she jauwned it up! it was so close to perfect." (past participle)

"i agree. i think it'd've been better if she'd simply fena jauwn. she'd have gotten more skrillas." (past subjunctive)
by TheEbonicsMaster December 12, 2010
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