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Jenna is an extremely artistic girl. She loves fantasy, dragons, fairies and the Victorian Era. Long, gold necklaces are her favorite jewelry. Her time spent reading is her vacation time, so don't freaking interrupt her if she has a book in her hand. Jenna also loves music. Her YouTube account has playlists filled with Paramore, PATD, and Creed. Her hair is basically the only thing she can change, so you'll see her with red hair, brown hair, or blonde hair. It's ALWAYS curly. But, aside from all this, Jenna is a wonderful friend. She's goofy and fun to hang out with. Very loyal to her close friends. Find a Jenna to befriend! You won't regret it.
Person 1: Wow, who was that girl?

Person 2: Oh, that was my best friend. Her name is Jenna.
Person 1: Cool. She's weird at first, but then I really enjoyed hanging out with her.

Person 2: Yeah, I know. Same here. After you get over the initial weirdness of Jenna... she's the best person you'll ever know.
Person 1: Dang. Now, I want a Jenna.
Person 2: I'll kill you. Get your own Jenna, that Jenna is MINE.
by TheDisposablePatriot July 16, 2011

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