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2 definitions by TheDefiner1-1-12

1. A girl (or guy for that matter i guess) who is so much of a slut the only way to define them is saying they're a Bunch of sluts mashed together

2. A small group of slutty girls who stand close together.
Def. 1
Didn't you know?, Christina's a slutball...

Def. 2
Guy1: dude look at that slutball over there
Guy2: yeah man you could probably have all 4 of them girls
Both: F***ing sluts
by TheDefiner1-1-12 August 24, 2008
Girl who puts out. nuff said
Guy1: dude i need a girl, and none of these goody two shoes ones.

Guy2: how about christina she's a gwpo
by TheDefiner1-1-12 August 24, 2008