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A male who is considered by others, usually females, to be extremely attractive.
Did you see the new kid? He is such a hunksicle!
by TheCullenator November 10, 2009
A person, usually female, who has an obsessive attatchment to the movie Twilight and/or Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Saga. This person is someone who has taken a liking specific to one of the Cullen's, most commonly Edward Cullen.
Alyssa has plastered Edward Cullen's pictures all over her bedroom wall. Her friends refer to her as a "Straight-Up Cullenator".
by TheCullenator November 11, 2009
1. A person who purchases communion wafers online has purchased "Ebayfers".
2. When a person burchases any kind of holy wafer off of the internet, especially Ebay.
Guy 1: Hey man, these crackers are awesome! What are they?
Guy 2: They're Ebayfers! I got them off the internet.
by TheCullenator November 30, 2009
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