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To die as a direct result of doing something that one loves.

In honor of the late and great Steve Irwin.
Dude, did you hear about that stunt pilot? He was totally irwined! He was performing a Reverse-700-Pinwheel-Corkscrew when he flew into a migrating flock of Canadian Geese and exploded! What a way to go, eh?
by TheColonel September 05, 2006
An acronym for "Skate and Smoke and Rap and Fuck". Made popular by rapper Lil' Wayne's song entitled "Sasaraf".
Man, all I do is SASARAF. Skate, and smoke, and rap, and fuck.
by thecolonel May 26, 2012
adj. Used to describe something or someone that is absolutely frickin' amazing.
Chuck Norris is absofrickimazing.
by TheColonel September 21, 2006

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