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One who discriminates against Tenors, similar to a Basist.
"So we have the Sopranos, the Altos, the Tenors and the Men."

"Hey! Don't be Tenorist!
by TheCheeseburger December 15, 2008
Jedi I'd Like (to) Fuck

Similair to a milf
While playing Knights of the Old Republic, I realized that Bastilla is a true Jilf.
by TheCheeseburger May 04, 2009
One who discriminates against Basses

Usually tenors, sometimes altos, and sopranos when they think highly of themselves and forget about the basses' incredible falsetto
I think that most gospel composers of today are bassist because they can't seem to be able to write a decent bass part and in it's place writing a second tenor part that they want to try and make the basses sing.
by TheCheeseburger May 04, 2009
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