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Someone who goes to a different Gymnastics or Cheerleading team every year because they are never satisfied with where they are!

This name is typically brought on by mothers who think their child is the cheer or gymnastics god of the world and will then take that kid to multiple gyms until the mother finds the one where she can push people around the most!

This name can also be given to the kid who moves gyms often because the parent feels that their kid is "not progressing fast enough." and no coach will ever tell the parent, "sorry your child hasn't learned a handspring yet, it's really just because they are too fat and can't do a Cartwheel!

The title Gym Slut should really be given to the parent not the kid because usually in these cases it is not the kids fault!
Amber: I heard she went to Tigers Cheer last year and then washburn cheer the year before that!! I guess she used to be a gymnast at Grase Gymnastics too!!

Erin: That girl is Such a Gym Slut!
by TheCheeryCheer February 16, 2011

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