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Purdue basketball is mediocre basketball at best. Purdue has never made it to an NCAA final four game because they can never win when it matters, or their coaching is garbage. This comes as no surprise to anyone that knows anything about college basketball. They are the 3rd best team in Indiana behind Butler (2nd) and Indiana (1st). This basketball program is very jealous of everything Indiana University has accomplished, hence why they are so angry all the time. Also, they are never good because no “good” basketball recruit wants to play for such a shitty program that has never established a “tradition” like other successful basketball programs that are located a few hours away.
Ross: Why does that team lose so much?
Jon: Probably because they play just like Purdue basketball.
Ross: Oh yeah, that basketball team is always a joke.
by TheBossManHoosier March 20, 2011
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