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3 definitions by TheBobMob

Same here. See Diffs
Person 1: "Hey nice Jacket from the Compound"
Person 2: "Dude...sames!
by TheBobMob October 29, 2010
Noun. A large gathering of people with the first name Bob.
Ray: "Hey have you seen Bob?"

Fiddle: "Which one? There are like fifteen of them."

Ray: "Screw it. Who invited TheBobMob anyway."
by TheBobMob November 24, 2010
A parting phrase and short version of Good Tomorrow. Used when Today isn't particulary exciting but You know Tommorow's gonna be good.
Boss: Remember to show up to work tommorow. Y'all get paid then.

Employee: Good Morrow (exits)
by TheBobMob November 25, 2011