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A alternative to saying "Oh my god" or "oh my gosh"
Teacher assignes too much homework just yell "GAAAAAAAAAAA!" really loud. it gets the point across while leaving people clueless
#school #scayings #yes #uh huh #loud
by TheBeastlyOneForSure October 27, 2010
Stepping on someone's toes or on the back of their shoe while they are walking.
Lydia and Emily are standing outside and Jaelin stomps on Lydia's toes screaming "BREAK THE MEATS!"

Jason is walking down hall and Emily steps on the beak of his shoe. Jason-- "Dude quit breakin' my meats. I'm trying to walk here!"
#toes #meat #break #stomp #shoe
by TheBeastlyOneForSure May 24, 2011
Fix that. Make it better. Prepare it to my standard. stop acting like an idiot. Shut your face
Some stupid idiot kid in class wont shut up just yell "SITCHUAZE YOUR FACE!" pronounced Sitch-Ooohhh-A's.
#sitch #face #stupid #awesome #yes
by TheBeastlyOneForSure October 27, 2010
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