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1 definition by TheAllKnowingCabbage

A hard core concoction of grain alcohol, usually Everclear, and store brand generic juice. Usually a tropical juice in particular. It can be made with koolaid, but considering this is not a generic brand, it is not exactly the real thing. Very very popular in a small town in CT, Newtown, where countless kids have vomited because they could not handle the jungle juice, including myself. It is very potent and will get you snot hanging drunk the second that it hits your blood. Kids, do me a favor. Instead of wasting away your liver, and getting drunk with a bunch of ugly whores, just smoke a j with some of your Best friends and get high.
Person 1: yeah i heard devin is bringing some homemade jungle juice! Person 2: oh shit were gonna get fucking wasted! Sad guy: yeah my girlfriend dumped me so i made a bathtub full of jungle juice, bought six boxes of hohos, and an ounce of purple dank.
by TheAllKnowingCabbage February 26, 2010