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2 definitions by TheAbusementPark

When a group of friends in a circle are approached by someone they dont like, who constantly shoves his way in between people to feel like he is a part of the conversation
Johnathon- "Did you here what happened to Stacey last night?!?"

Brendan(awkard weird guy)- *shove, shove* "hey guys!, what happened to Stacey?"

Johnathon-"oh nothing.. it was stupid..

Everyone Else- *walks away slowly*

Johnathon- "i hate it when people do an outer circle shove"
by TheAbusementPark June 01, 2013
when a guy moves his friend in front of him to stare at a girl from a distance while appearing to be looking at his friend; A Perverts way of secretly staring at a girls body without getting caught
Dude, give me some False Eyes so I can stare at Megan
by TheAbusementPark May 26, 2013