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Though sex can be considered the whole period of time between the beginning of foreplay and the end of cuddling, sex proper is the time between the entry of the penis and its removal.
The important thing to remember about sex proper is that its time of entry that matters, not place of entry.
by The6thDegree June 30, 2008
The point of no return near the vagina or anus. The penis will be attracted to enter either hole, but until it goes beyond that hole's event horizon, sex proper has not yet begun.
However, not going beyond the event horizon does not imply that sex will last longer, as the erotic and sensual forces upon the penis that close to the event horizon can result in premature ejaculation.
Professor: As one approaches the event horizon it becomes harder and harder to keep from entering the black hole.

Student: LOL, harder.
by The6thDegree July 10, 2008
The asymptote is a sexual maneuver wherein the object is to get as close to the vagina/anus without actually entering.

It is a difficult position, though, as approaching the event horizon may result in prejaculation.
The easiest way to preform the asymptote is to, every few seconds or so (depending on how quickly you want to approach), move the tip of the penis half the remaining distance closer.
by The6thDegree June 30, 2008
Another name for weed
Drug Peddler: Hey buddy, want some Leafy McGreenGreen

Pot Head: YES!
by The6thDegree December 14, 2007
A sibling sexual act of the Land Shark.

To preform the Dick van Dyke, the man must have their partner get on the ground up side-down, so that their ass is in the air.
The partner then, completely naked, enters the room whilst sining the Dick van Dyke Show theme song. He then trips over a nearby ottoman, thus catapulting him into the air. He then attempts to enter into his hole of choice in his partner.
Fred: Hey, you wanna come over and watch the game at my place?

Ted: Nah, I'm going to the store to buy an ottoman so I can Dick van Dyke my girlfriend.

Fred: HOT!
by The6thDegree December 14, 2007

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