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The act of hitting a minority while bombed on Vodka and wine coolers with an expensive automobile and ditching their mangled ass and your Mercedes bumper as you flee to your 6 story house in the suburbs.
Guy 1: Dude I have to hide the Po Po 50 is after me cuz they caught me Pulling a Senser!
Guy 2: You creamed a minorty?! I'm dippin'!
#mercedes #hit #run #hit and run #vodka #dumbass #senser #minority
by The3niglets September 03, 2011
The disgraceful act of serving ones hackey sack to ones self.
Similar to masturbating.
Bro stop hackey jacking you are making everybody upset.
#masturbating #jacking the sack #hackey sack #hacky sack #footbag
by The3niglets August 30, 2011
The ghetto supreme version of the three little pigs.
When I lived in Compton as a child, my mom always told me the story of the The3niglets and how the Big Green Weed smoked their house up.
#ghetto #niglets #supreme #compton #weed
by The3niglets August 30, 2011
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