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A gang in high school that controls and patrols it's halls and extorts money and sex from and sells drugs to student and teachers ect.
We got a bad high school gang at our school.
by The wrath of God September 27, 2010
A flash gang that gets together to rampage through the streets of various cities looting,killing mostly for fun,raping mostly for fun ect.
I'm in the New Mongolen hord. Join me,what say you!
by The wrath of God September 27, 2010
A group of people who set a time with there cell phones to meet at a certain place and time to do gang stuff and are just as quickly gone in all directions.
I am in a flash gang.
by The wrath of God September 26, 2010
A movement that seeks to make all the states in the southwestern US an independant nation because of all the bad laws and policies in the US.
There are two factions to the movement.
The left wing faction that is mostly made up of hispanics that resent the treatment they get because of there language and race when they are only coming here to find a better life. It is associated with the neohippie movement,advocates of the universal freedom admendmentand the underaged sex movement.
The right wing faction believes the US interfers too much in peoples personal lives and taxes them to death ect.
Lets all support the southwestern states nationalist movement.
by The wrath of God September 25, 2010
To drink beer from the skull of your enimies. It is sometimes done by gangs,flash gangs and criminal organizations ect.
After we wiped out our rival gang were skulling tonignt.
by The wrath of God September 27, 2010

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