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shit that lots of girls talk about. mostly girls talking about boys. its the most annoying conversation that any person straight in the head will come across.
"Oh my god! I hat jeff! he is such an ass to me!"-complains Jeffs girl friend
"Then why don't you break up with him?" Jeff's girl friend's friend asks.
"Cus I love him! And I can't just dump him! Oh my god! What should I do?!?!?!"-replys Jeff's girl friend.
by The white Girl August 03, 2005
A sexual being with beauty like a gazelle. Her long locks will flow all over while she is making love. Her body will role along yours while she is whispering in your ear when she explains what she is going to do to you. She loves getting into the beat of good music and movies are her soul food. To please a Rozel be very chill and always make the first move. What not to do is be timid. She may be a quite but when she opens up it is as if you are flying around on top of a majestic eagle going to heaven.
That girl Rozel totally romped me.
by The White Girl April 03, 2014
Someone who is all, Asian, Mexican, and White. Asian=AZ Mexican=EX White=ITE
wow that azexite is hella smart!, but like ghetto, and really pale!
by The white Girl August 03, 2005

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