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The Hunter is a very mysterious figure that is extremely connected to Team Bowie (See Team Bowie). Though it is for certain that The Hunter and Team Bowie are connected, no one knows why. Some say that the team themselves do not know why they are mentioned in the same breath as The Hunter, but hypotheses have been issued. Many researchers of the Hunter believe that he protects Team Bowie against their foes, others believe that he actually hunts the very members, thus the name. The Hunter is shrouded in mystery, but a few things are known about him. He hunts quickly, and silently, killing mostly when he needs to, sometimes when he wants to. The Hunter is also very powerful, even manbearpig stands no chance against such power. Other theories suggest that The Hunter is an off spring of The Eagle (see The Eagle) but that theory has been ridiculed countless times. A more popular theory concerning The Eagle is that The Hunter actually fears The Eagle, and so he lives in shadow and waits for the perfect time to strike. The Hunter is not widely known because he is so stealth, but whenever you hear a rustling in the trees on a calm windless night or the faint sound of an arrow being drawn back, you know, it is The Hunter.
William Shatner: Shhh!!!.....what was that?

Timothy Dalton: Is it....The Hunter?

Lindsay Lohan: Don't say that you dick!
by The Watcher...the Observer January 28, 2010

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