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A team of six, all who hold strong similarities in regards to drinking habits and overall interests. This team was created in 2009 and is relatively new. The members, though they are unknown, are all very good friends and said to be of legendary status. tales say that the team consists of six people, three who are legends, and three who are sailors. What these titles entail are unknown, but scientists believe that these "categories" have certain requirements. These requirements are completely unknown, and some say that the team itself doesn't even know what separates a sailor from a legend. This team is held in the highest respects, and every single member is one who would die for his fellow Team Bowie brother. Though the team members are somewhat separated geographically as of late, they all still hold each other in the highest regards. There is three sets of two in this group, and each one of these sets attended elementary school together. As you can see this team is very close and honestly, they are epic. unreal. Long live David Bowie!
Your a member of Team Bowie?! Unreal man! Legendary!
by The watcher...The observer. September 11, 2009
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