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3 definitions by The real DBK

When your hittin a girl from the back and your about to climax you start flapping your arms as if they are bat wings, and on the way down from flapping you smack her behind while also screaming "FEAR THE BAT, FEAR THE BAT, I AM BATMAN FEEL ME CUM". When she looks up at you just say "thats right" and do what ever you want next
i was hitting this girl man and i got the urge to batman her. It was rowd
by The real DBK October 01, 2006
204 177
Is alike the term rowdy, but has more meaing and can be used more often. It means when somthing is so awsome it can only be classified as one word.....rowd
"Dude tonight is gonna be so rowd"
"That party was so rowd"
"F*cking rowd"
by The real DBK October 01, 2006
12 10
Is an abbreviation for D(runk)B(rown)K(id).
This word origins from one kid in Canada who was really drunk
Wow that kid is so DBK tonight
by The real DBK September 22, 2006
12 31