2 definitions by The nefarious ween

the act of a really bitchy woman making a snide, unecessary and harsh comment about you.
Andy: sarah was a bit harsh to you there
John: I know, there was no need for her to cliticise me like that.
by The nefarious ween October 04, 2010
When a teacher gets laid the night before and comes in to the lesson doing unexpected acts of niceness or easy work/group role plays. However, if they have not been laid, they will come into the lesson and be very grouchy, often leading to students being sent out for minor things.
Person 1: Why are we doing role plays in a Business lesson?

Person 2: Maybe she got boned. Remember the Jones Theory?

Person 1: Ah yeah. That explains it!
by The nefarious ween February 28, 2011

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