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An annoying twat who sits behind you just watching you browse the internet or my documents. Anything. Anything they can get their watchful eyes onto. This could be you brother, your best friend or a stranger at the libary.
Person 1: What's Tim doing.

Person 2: oh he's just Back-seat Browsing on Percy over there.

Person1: Does Percy know?

Person 2: Hell no man, otherwise he would be so pissed.
by The hidden undermass June 23, 2011
probably the worlds laziest country, it's people never want to do any work and just snooze around all day. The country has a rising population obviously because they are experiencing the Asian growth as they jump on the backs of China and India to steel their economic benefits that they are making. The country also has a lot of students interested in math, just like all Asian country's.
Maths class

Person 1: Hey who's that kid with his head on the table

Person 2: oh that's just some (Philippines) pine (pronounced: pne) cunt, he's fucking lazy and tends to sleep most lessons.
by The hidden undermass April 30, 2011

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