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An almost always respectable person, who grows the food that the general public so ungraciously eats. Don't take farmers for granted. Hell, love us. WE FEED YOU PEOPLE!

(Why I am on URBAN dictionary, I have no idea)
Example: My father, the farmer
by The guy whose name you don't know February 06, 2007
An inanimate object, made of metal alloys, that has the capability to discharge ammunition consisting of a bullet, casing, powder and primer. Despite common misconceptions, guns, or more properly, firearms, do not have a magical, evil effect on anyone who is fit to use them. (Which happens to be anybody who is sane and does not have homocidal or suicidal tendencies) Also, the false belief that banning firearms under law leads to less crimes is false, as what happens when said firearms are banned is the criminals have all the firearms(as they are criminals, and therefore have no respect for the law), and not the good-doing, law-abiding citizens now have no effective means of protection.

Here in Canada, we have a long-gun (rifle, shotgun) registry. What's next, an edged and blunt object registry, meant to curb knife violence?
Example: Remington Model 700 CDL (gun, bolt action rifle, commonly used for hunting big game)
Example: Colt Canada C7 (gun, the current service rifle of the Canadian Land Forces, based on the American M16, but improved)
by The guy whose name you don't know February 06, 2007
Good men and women who are highly disrespected, mainly by the low-life criminal scum that they have to deal with. If a cop caught you smoking pot, and told your mommy, and you got in weally big twouble wiff your mommy, don't blame the cops for messing up your life. That's your own doing, it's what happens when you abuse crap like that. Respect the police, you can't respect a whole lot of other people nowadays.
Example(16 year old idiot stoner)=Dude, the police caught me smoking weed and told my mom. I'm real bummed because my mom got real mad at me and like, I was grounded. Damn, man.

Example(Inner city "gangsta")=WTF dog, you trippin', all I did yo was stuff that 13 year old girl's hole and then pop her wiff my piece, yo. Why you hatin'? Damn police! Snap, you messin' my vibe, homes!
by The guy whose name you don't know February 06, 2007

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