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The act of holding your butt cheeks wide open in anticipation of a finger to enter the area. At this very moment the cheeks will close shut and the instigators hand will be stuck.
So Tina was showing some ass the other day so I went hand first in for it. Turns out she was pulling an anus flytrap on me, again.
by The dozer with a 'tude August 31, 2014
The pleasure moment when your wife decides to stop by the down low area without warning. Typically occurs when least expected and always ends in conscious turmoil.
"Sharon and I were not getting along the whole day, yet to my surprise she gave me one hell of a Curious George!"
by The dozer with a 'tude December 30, 2012
A female name for one who causes a male boner to die or "boner kill" in which the woman is theoretically cutting down wood.
"Nothing but a few lumberjacks at the bar, my penis was more limp than a wet noodle"
by The dozer with a 'tude October 29, 2011

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