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6 definitions by The Zeppelin

When the sphinkter contracts and expands especially during an orgasim.

What a female's asshole does during a really good oragasm
When I was doing my wife doggy style yesterday, she started to cum and gave me a sphinkter wink.

I gave it to her so good she started sphinkter winkin.
by The Zeppelin January 15, 2005
15 6
A person of half Black and half asian persuasion.
I would like to get me a peice of that blackasian girl
by The Zeppelin January 15, 2005
24 16
Stands for Long Story Short.
When my wife is jabbering on about something I dont care about, I tell her L.S.S.

Hurry up and get to the point without the boring details.
by The Zeppelin January 15, 2005
6 6
The seam where the left and right sides of the scrotum meet just below the base of the penis.

The linga becomes more pronouced during cold sensations, such as a cold swimming pool or when you are dead.
Hey baby, you know you want to lick my linga.

Dude, did you loose your linga or do you have severe cameltoe.
by The Zeppelin January 18, 2005
16 22
A male penis, in reference to a blowjob. Penis being the stick, lip being where you you put the stick.
When wanting a blow job from my girlfriend, I ask. You wanna play with my LipStick
by The Zeppelin January 15, 2005
9 50
Another term for your asshole. A hole in which gas is expelled.
Catch of whiff of what came out of my gashole.
by The Zeppelin January 15, 2005
40 93