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A person with red hair accompanied by, but not limited to, red pubic hair. Usually pale skinned and freckled. Someone who looks like a walking talking Cabbage Patch Kid.
Jim: I saw a particularly grotesque patch leaving the church on Palmer St. the other day.

Mick: What was a patch doing in church? It's not like they have a soul to be saved anyway...

Jim: Word.
by The Zaric October 15, 2011
One who spends his life studying and analyzing the life of Charlie Sheen. Once well educated and well practiced in the life and times of Charlie Sheen, One can be classified as a Sheenius.
Man1: My boy Smokie got a blowjob from 2 pornstars at that club last night, all while smoking 7 gram rocks of crack and reciting lines from the 2nd season of "Two and A Half Men".

Man2: That man is a fucking Sheenius.
by The Zaric March 06, 2011
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