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juice dranken from sippie cups brought by your dad while you are in bed before going to sleep. One must yell "Juuuuuiciiiiies" in order to receive a juicies
I am cranky because i didnt get my juicies last night
by The Yellow Dart March 30, 2004
Definition: Yiddish deragatory for an African-American individual.
That shvatz had a fine badonkadonk.
by ThE yElLoW dArT August 04, 2004
Exclamatory used if you're surprised, hurt, or at a loss for words
ghost pops out FUCKING A!
you get shot in the leg with a blow gun FUCKING A
Baby we're pregnant FUCKING A
by The Yellow Dart April 24, 2004
Being the mighty wing man, to go after the "not" pick of the litter when there is a group of girls. Taking the fattie just to get some action.
Man I was so drunk last night, I ended up, muenzing a heffer.
by The Yellow Dart April 17, 2005
To simultaneously defecate and vomit.
"Last night I was so wasted I sat on the toilet to take a dump, and before I could stop myself I'd frosted my donut."
by The Yellow Dart June 28, 2004
someone on Strong Bad's people-to-egg list
rather frightening looking character
by The Yellow Dart May 29, 2003
A crybaby
Dude, I just told Jake to shut up and he started crying about everybody being mean to him. What an emo kid!!
by The Yellow Dart March 09, 2004

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