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A McSorley is the act of doing a man/woman from behind and pulling out quickly and standing up so that your erect penis is hanging to the side of their face, only to unexpectedly smack them across the face with it as they turn around, hopefully giving them a grade 3 concussion similar to the on-ice incident between Marty McSorley and Donald Brashear.
This term is used to pay tribute to one of hockey's greatest goons and also the protector of Wayne Gretzky. Used primarily in the Annapolis Valley region of Nova Scotia.
i.e. (doctor to male in waiting room of hospital) "how did this happen?"

"I McSorleyed her right in the face. I am sure to get a suspension for that shit."
by The Wonder from Down Under October 29, 2007
A lingley is a euphemism for the never ending struggle to get tail, whether it be from a male or female. Lingley was an expert of the tail pursuit in the American Southwest during the late 1980s, similar to Chaz Reinhardt from Wedding Crashers. For that purpose, a lingley is an homage to the hunt for sexual partners or the act of hunting for sexual partners.
i.e. "man, i think we should get pinned and pull a lingley tonight. I need to get laid"

i.e. " (with an unsuspecting parent) - mom, i would really love to stay and talk about grandma's boils but i have to go out and pull a lingley tonight."
by The Wonder from Down Under October 29, 2007

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