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The leader of any kind of party who makes the decisions even a party such as an xbox live party. The partyfamilias can also be someone who inherently starts or leads a party. Usually decisions are made by the partyfamilias.
Comes from the ancient roman paterfamilias who was the head of an extended family
The Partyfamilias tells people what to do at the party.
by The Wikipedian January 16, 2012
Short for sleeping with the lights on. Also seen in the form SWTLOed. This is the past tense form of SWTLO.
Dude: I SWTLOed last night.
Other Person: Did you see any monsters?
Dude: Hell no
by The Wikipedian October 19, 2011
Really Hungry.
Johnny had not eating in three days. So he said to his wife, " I'm fungry make me a samich!"
by The Wikipedian August 09, 2011
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