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A song released by Led Zeppelin in the early 1970s. It is the greatest song that ever came into this world. Not to mention a great stress reducer.
I like listening to Stairway to Heaven a lot on long road trips because it removes driving stress.
by The Volkswagen Beatle January 04, 2005
The Beatles are the best band EVER. For those who hate them and are obsessed with the new crap, the Beatles had 27, yes 27, number one hits. That's probably more than any of the guys you Beatle-haters (the worst word I can think of on the face of this planet) listen to will put up COMBINED in their careers. Beat it, Beatle-haters (it pains me to say it) and go listen to your wannabe crap music. The Beatles never get obnoxious or blow people's ears out with relentless screaming.
The Beatles take all crappy musicians out behind the woodshed and beat them with their instruments. All of their songs are good and never get obnoxious. I'd have a hard time picking good songs because there are so many good ones!
by The Volkswagen Beatle November 19, 2004
A major interstate highway in the central United States. It runs from Duluth, Minnesota, to Laredo, Texas, connecting the cities of Minneapolis/St. Paul, Des Moines, Kansas City, Wichita, Oklahoma City, Dallas/Ft. Worth and San Antonio. It splits into I-35W and I-35E in the Minneapolis and Dallas areas. Not a scenic interstate, but few east of the Rocky Mountains truly are.
If you drive I-35 through Minnesota en route to Duluth, northern cities, or cities in eastern Minnesota and Wisconsin on I-94, take I-35E because I-35W sucks Crosstown Commons. If you are going to Minneapolis or going to western Minnesota cities on I-94, take I-35W to I-494 up to I-394 and east into Minneapolis, or I-494 up to I-94 on the northwest corner of the metro.

Lesson: Try to avoid I-35W if at all possible.
by The Volkswagen Beatle December 31, 2004
An interchange between Interstate 35W and Minnesota State Highway 62 in Richfield, Minnesota. Traffic often backs up for several miles. Try to avoid this area in full but if you must enter it, DO IT BEFORE RUSH HOUR OR YOU WILL REGRET IT!
To bypass the crappy Crosstown Commons, use I-494 or local streets.
by The Volkswagen Beatle November 19, 2004
The governor of Minnesota who proceeded to fuck up the state. Because of him and his idiots in legislature, Minnesota may go into a state shutdown.
When Tim Pawlenty leaves office I'll be sure to throw a party.
by The Volkswagen Beatle June 22, 2005
Somebody who can be asked how to get somewhere on the road and not even have to think about it before responding with an answer and can name other major cities on the route. Also have everyday thoughts influenced by driving and going places.
Guy: Hey Roadgeek, how do I get from Duluth, Minnesota, to Laredo, Texas?

Roadgeek: Take Interstate 35 south through Minneapolis/St. Paul, Des Moines, Kansas City, Wichita, Oklahoma City, Dallas/Ft. Worth, and San Antonio and you will get there.
by The Volkswagen Beatle December 28, 2004
The west half of Interstate 35 through the Twin Cities. It is about 41 miles long and serves downtown Minneapolis and some western suburbs. However some parts of it are crappy and desperately need reconstructing. See Crosstown Commons. It needs help with interchanges with I-94 and I-494/MN 5 as well. In the future it may even need help with its interchange with I-694.
Unless absolutely necessary, take I-35E through the Twin Cities instead of I-35W.
by The Volkswagen Beatle January 03, 2005

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