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Any Naruto fan who's pushed the line way too far. The people who buy the Naruto Headbands off eBay even if they don't cosplay. General n00bs, who really should know what day AnimeOne and ANBU release fansubs, but ask for them anyway.
Narutard: Hey luk at my seXXi new Konoha headband!!!!1 Yo, Naruto r0x0rs!
Person: Do you cosplay?
Narutard: noooooo, NARUTO R0x0rs!!1 gimme da sub w00t!
by the TREE April 30, 2005
The Ditt Axiom states that if you have ANY suspicion that a guy is gay, he is in fact gay.
"Hey, Johnny over there is always wearing skinny jeans and is really organized. I wonder if he is gay." According to the Ditt Axiom, he is.
#suspicion #gay #neat #fashion #organized
by The Tree October 17, 2012
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