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California: A state despite what most people and even native californians think is an actual very diverse place. I myself grew up in Santa Barbara, it is very much a beach town, full of celebrities and rich kids, but also has your typical middle-class families. The weather actually is near perfect except june we get june gloom. Although I lived in Santa Barbara I've traveled up norther california and gone to the forests, I've been snowboarding in Mammoth Mountain, i've visited San Fransico, I've been in inland and gone to bakersfield, and I've visisted small inland California towns where Marilyn Monroe had been named the Artichoke Queen 1947, and I've driven on the highway where James Dean's car accident happened. I've gone down to L.A and honestly does the smog bother you that much? And why let L.A represent all of California. I've been to at least 10 other states, and they honestly don't compare.
Stereotyper:Everyone out in California is so fake.

Me: Since when?

by The Telephone Wires December 26, 2007
Trindie: popular indie bands such as The Shins, Bloc Party, Beck,Bright Eyes, Arcade Fire and many more, bands that are ok, but for the most part overrated.
Me: So what kind of music do you like?

Trindie Fan: Oh, mostly indie you know stuff like The Shins, Bloc Party, Beck, Bright Eyes, you?

Me: Ya I like mostly indie too, but mostly Elliott Smith, Neutral Milk Hotel, Animal Collective, the Robot Ate Me, Jamie T, Beirut, Mirah, not so much trindie music like you.
by The Telephone Wires December 25, 2007
The Shins N.Another extremely overrated indie band, unfortunatley made famous by the "tries way to hard to seem indie and quirky" movie Garden State. With a couple nice songs were deemed the god of "indie bands" Their song New Slang featured in the movie, was called "a song that would change your life" although hardly anyone knows what the song is even about, but you seem to meet a lot of Shins fans who like them because it seemed cool.
Shins Fan: That movie was right, New Slang like changes your life. All of The Shins songs their songs are so good.

Me: Whats so life changing? Do you even understand the lyrics?

Shins Fan, singing to the song: "New slang when you notice the stripes..."
by The Telephone Wires December 25, 2007
Bright Eyes, N. A crappy overrated band fronted by the supposedly "deep" Conor Oberst. Commonly mistaken as one of the greastest indie singer songwriters, but this title is already occupied by people such as Elliott Smith and Jeff Mangum,along with others but Oberst isn't. But he does reconize talent as he's signed the wonderful band Tilly and the Wall.
Bright Eyes Fan: Oh my god, I love his lyrics there so good and like, deep you know?

Me: No, his lyrics are about as deep as a toilet bowl.
by The Telephone Wires December 25, 2007
North Carolina: A weird state where the cities have absolutely no side walks, no bike paths, everyone is in their cars. A state were people actually have accents and like shopping in malls, where most of the teenagers have no taste in clothes or they cannot afford to shop at Anthropologie and instead huddle up in the Abercrombie and Fitch, and where the schools have inside cafeterias and everything is inside
Californian: I swear to god there are no side-walks in Charlotte, and just because its November, people look at me weird for wearing a skirt, from american appeal, which they do not have here! I hate North Carolina. Oh and none of the kids here smoke weed, the only thing their smokin' is cigarrettes, god their so stupid.

Caliornian 2: I'm so sorry.
by The Telephone Wires December 26, 2007

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