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A clueless, ignorant female who goes to sporting events and doesn't know the most basic facts about the team that they supposedly support. They are often loud, obnoxious and irritating. They prefer baseball, but have been known to appear at other sporting events and wear the jersey or shirt of the most attractive player on the team and can't tell you what position he plays. They are also the reason decent Sox tickets are $250 a seat. Also known as "cunts".
Ex. 1
Fan 1: If that fucking pink hat doesn't stop singing "Sweet Caroline" I'm gonna skull fuck her.

Fan 2: At least we don't get this shit at Bruins games.


Ex. 2

Jack: Did you hear that Pink Hat on Toucher and Rich?

Joe: Yeah, what a dumb bitch.
by The Sugabear April 28, 2010
1. The top part of the net in hockey.

2. Where momma keeps the peanut butter and I keep the pornos.
Ex. 1
Fred Cusick: Neely scores top shelf.

Ex. 2
Random Fellow: They scored top shelf, where momma keeps the peanut butter and I keep the pornos.
by The Sugabear April 28, 2010
In the United States Army, Physical Fitness tests are given every six months and soldiers must pass with a 60 in each of the three events adding up to a minimum passing grade of 180. A 181 is when a soldier gives the minimal effort due to extraneous circumstances to pass the Army Physical Fitness Test. So a 181 is an acceptable, yet less than enthusiastic effort in order to accomplish a goal.
Ex. 1
Soldier 1: Oh man today is a 181 day.

Soldier 2: Definitely, I'm so goddamn hungover from penny beer night I can hardly stand up.

Ex. 2
Jack: Man I really don't give two shits about this final exam.

Joe: Just make it 181 and call it a day.
by The Sugabear April 28, 2010
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