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'Polyamorists' define "Polyamory" as :
The practice, state or ability of having more than
one sexual loving relationship at the same time, with the full
knowledge and consent of all partners involved.

In reality, polyamory is more often used as nothing more than A way of attempting to make 'open' relationships appear more mature by selfish individuals who use the idea of polyamory as a means to have multiple sexual partners while keeping the relationships themselves in an overly complicated and childish attrition.

"Polyamorists" often doge questions or conversation about which of their lovers they prefer more as they do not like people to know they do have just as much jealousy and preference in lovers as any monogamous person and are simply using polyamory as a doge to mask their own profound emotional baggage. This is another purpose using the term 'polyamory' serves for people to manipulate others and ultimately make everyone involved far more unhappy.

Weather everyone involved knows or does not know the identity of other lovers involved in a multiple relationship seems to be an entirely moot point when the majority of so-called 'polyamorists' turn out to be nothing more than manipulative, selfish people who are using the idea as a battering ram in relationships.
Why can't Allisa just drop the polyamory act and own up to the fact that she wants to screw all kinds of people while keeping them at a distance?
by The Stain Doctor May 27, 2011

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