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A county area in the Westcountry region of the United Kindgom (UK) known for it's picturesque views and rolling hills often used for hiding the view of the mountains of needles, pills and weed while the tourists are visiting during the summer.
Devon: a drug addicts dream place (or just halucinating again).
by The Squarepusher March 19, 2011
Used to express one's feeling of Disillusion and disappointment at society, when the efforts your daily job and career are nothing but an ultimately pointless activity, that never benefits you as an individual, and only benefits the people higher up society's food chain, like bankers and corporations. A general feeling of bein sick and tired of the daily grind of jobs, working, and civilisation.
Wife: "How was it today in the office?"

husband:"Oh, I've just a long day working for the bank".

Wife: "That bad, huh? Don't worry. We have all times like that".

e.g. 2-

Recently guaduated student: "As the world stands now before me, I'm not sure if I really do want spend my life working for the bank".
by The Squarepusher April 14, 2011
A small village in the county of Devon deep in the countryside of United Kingdom, just bordering the county of Cornwall, often cited as a possible vortex into the underworld, as shown by being located between hills steep enough so that people can get in but no one can get out, and never will. Warning signs upon aproaching this known vortex urges drivers to "slow down", yet never is there a sign advising to "turn back while you still can".
Family of tourists: "Hi there! Um, we're looking for a little village called Bridgerule, which should be somewhere around do you know it?"

Local: "Oh god! Please, I urge to turn back now! If you go, you'll never escape! Get out of here before it's too late!"
by The Squarepusher March 19, 2011
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