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Enthusiast of the musical genre "Thrash Metal". Also associated with body sculpting and message board participation.
Wickermetal Replied : "needs more thrash"
by The Source March 04, 2005
A vulgar derogitory expression used to refer to a young lad who posses the many attributes of a jerk;prick. Dickys mainly have the surname Danny, or Dennis. If ever to encounter a Dicky make sure to be very cautious for they may try to
You are a fucking Dicky!!
by The source February 11, 2004
known as "squids". a person who masturbates with slimy sea creatures to experience what a "real pussy" feels like.
tom is a torin, he borrowed my mom's squid we were supposed to eat, but i found it in his drawer. wtf dude??
by the source April 05, 2003
a tennis player
john wants to be a torin after seeing serena williams
by the source April 05, 2003
a chinese tennis player that is sensitive and excretes tears from the eyes. usually given to a sensitive boy. known to be chubby and also has tendencies of being a craddle robber.
dude, what happened to john? hes a fucken torin nowadays, always crying and checking out jack's lil sister alisha in 7th grade.
by the source April 05, 2003
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